Northern Classics’ Guide to Planning Your Next Ski Trip

Northern Classics’ Guide to Planning Your Next Ski Trip

Planning trips in advance is always a good idea, and planning ski trips in advance is an even better idea.. If you’re looking to save money on lift tickets, lodging and equipment rentals , booking early is essential. We’ve put together a guide to follow when preparing for those memorable snowy getaways.
  1. Set a budget

    Setting a budget for your ski trip will keep expenses to a minimum and ensure lower stress levels when it comes time to leave. There are certain expenses you will have to keep in mind when deciding on a budget:

    • Transportation

    How will you be getting to your final destination? Car? Plane? If you’re flying, what sort of transportation will you need when you land? Plan your trip around which mode of transportation makes the most sense for you and your family. 

    • Food

    Food is the next thing to consider in your budget. Usually, travel takes longer in the winter, so you may need to prepare food for the long trip. You’ll also need to set aside money for lunch, snacks etc. when you get to the ski hill.

    • Equipment

    Are you or your family members going to be renting equipment? This will need to be worked into the budget. Prepare for extra costs by doing some research on rental rates at the mountain you will be going to. In need of outerwear for the kids? Take a look at the cozy options on our website so you can be prepared for the colder months.

    • Lodging

    Where are you going to be staying during your trip? It is important to make lodging reservations as early as possible to avoid prices increasing during the busy season.

  2. Choose your dates wisely
    Ski season generally lasts from the end of October to the beginning of May, but can vary from year to year. The best time to book your ski trip will likely be in the middle of ski season for the best snow.

  3. Book convenient lodging
    Typically, it is ideal to stay in a location close to the hill you’ll be skiing on. That way, you  avoid waiting in crazy long traffic lines that can result in less time spent enjoying the slopes!

  4. Pick what ski experience you are looking for
    Accommodations vary from resort to resort, as do snow conditions. The ski experience in Colorado or Utah is going to be quite different than it will be on the East Coast. When you decide where you want to go, there are different types of resorts everywhere. From large, busy, expensive resorts to small, intimate, less busy resorts, there is something out there for everyone.

  5. Plan what to pack
    With all of the gear, money and time that goes into skiing, you do not want to wait until the last minute to ensure you have everything you need. To make sure everyone enjoys their experience, it is vital that everyone has proper gear. When planning your trip, start making a list of things you have and things you still need to buy/rent. Get your shopping done for your kids at
Yes, planning a trip takes a lot of work and can be very overwhelming, especially when you want to make it one the kids will never forget. At Northern Classics, we’ve got one thing covered… your kids will look stylish and feel comfortable in our elevated outerwear designs, made to be worn on and off the slopes.
Follow this guide and you’re sure to have a picturesque, fun-filled vacation with the whole family. Interested in heading to Big Sky, Montana? Read our family travel guide here. If you’re wanting to go to one of the most well-known ski resorts, Vail Mountain, we have the perfect guide for your family here. Now it’s time to go enjoy the outdoors- you’ve earned it!

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