Six Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

Six Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

Between snow days and holiday breaks, winter is filled with plenty of free time for you and your kids. With all the extra hours, you may be wondering what you can do to ward off boredom and enjoy this time both in the comfort of your own home, and in the outdoors. If you’re looking for ideas of what to do, here are six winter activities to do with your kids!
  1. Snowman making
    Is there snow on the ground? Make a snowman! A special activity to do when making a snowman, is to challenge those around you to create various characters with both the construction and decoration of the snowman. The joy of building snowmen goes beyond childhood memories, as it brings out the playful spirit in everyone.

  2. Pillowfort building
    Is it unsafe to be outside? Build a pillowfort! When the weather turns harsh and outdoor activities become limited, building a pillow fort can be the perfect indoor escape. Use pillows, cushions, blankets, and whatever else you can find around to create a cozy sanctuary within the walls of your home. Once your pillow fort is complete, the possibilities for its use are endless. Get creative! Use it for sleepovers, a hideout, or a cozy movie viewing area.

  3. Ice skating
    Want a winter activity that’s outdoors but not in your backyard? Go to your local skating rink! If you're new to skating and feel a bit unsure, don't worry! Embrace the opportunity to learn something new by inviting a friend or family member who knows how to skate. Skating is not only a fun way to stay active during the colder months, but it also offers a chance to bond with others and share joyful moments together.

  4. Make homemade hot cocoa
    Making homemade hot cocoa can be a fun and simple way to engage your kids in cooking, with the incentive of a sweet treat at the end. Let your creativity flow as you customize the steaming mugs with your favorite toppings, turning the experience into a delightful winter activity for everyone to cherish. You can find fantastic recipes for homemade hot cocoa that will warm both hearts and hands here and here, creating a cozy atmosphere for your family to enjoy during the chilly winter days.

  5. Go sledding/tubing
    Want an adrenaline rush in the cold snow? Sledding or snow tubing is a great option for you. Find a local park with a hill and go enjoy the snow with your neighborhood, maybe even start a competition for the coolest sledding trick! Feel the thrill as you speed down the snowy slopes. Don't forget to capture these exhilarating moments on camera, so you can relive the fun later and share the memories with friends and family.

  6. Build a snow fort
    If you tried the pillow fort and liked it, then you’ll love building a snow fort! Imitate the classic igloo-style snow fort, using compacted snow blocks to create a cozy and traditional shelter. Let your imagination run wild and draw inspiration from other architectural structures. From fairy-tale castles to futuristic forts, the possibilities are endless. Building a snow fort not only provides a great way to enjoy the winter outdoors but also taps into your creativity, turning the snowy landscape into a playground.

These are just a few ideas for activities to do with your kids this winter. As temperatures start to drop you may want to think about buying gear for your kids. Northern Classics has just what you need to keep your kids warm, including timeless and functional designs. Whether it's cozy winter jackets, insulated snow pants, or snug neck warmers, we have you covered for a memorable and enjoyable time outdoors with your family in comfort this snow season.

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